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How Vitamin B6 Helps You Build Muscle

Heath McAllister, ND

Licensed naturopathic doctors in Los Angeles discuss Vitamin B6 and building muscle

Micronutrients play an important role in building muscle

You know that a complete diet includes plenty of foods loaded in essential vitamins and minerals, but did you know some of these tiny “micronutrients” can play an important part in building muscle? That’s right, if you’re not getting enough Vitamin B6 in your diet, it doesn’t matter how much lean protein you consume or how long you exercise—you just won’t gain muscle as fast as you should.

Whether you’re looking to keep that fit body tone or bulk up to perform better at sports, your job, and life in general, Vitamin B6 is absolutely essential.

What is Vitamin B6?

You know about B12 but what is Vitamin B6? The scientific name for this compound is Pyridoxine. It’s found naturally in foods like sunflower seeds, pistachios, tuna, turkey, bananas, and avocados.

What Vitamin B6 does is nothing short of amazing. It partners with the enzymes in your body to take apart the protein you consume, breaking it down into smaller and smaller building blocks—blocks your body can actually use. These building blocks (called amino acids) are transported through the bloodstream to wherever they’re needed.

Vitamin B6 and Muscle Building

You build muscle by repeatedly damaging existing muscle and allowing your body to repair it. That’s why trainers and coaches always recommend a rest day in between your workouts. These amino acids are critical for rebuilding lean muscle after exercise or exertion. Without them, your body just won’t bulk up.

In fact, without sufficient levels of vitamin B6, your body won’t be able to create (or absorb) enough of the amino acids you need from the foods you eat. Much of that protein will be wasted.

On the other hand, when you ensure you’re operating at your peak, your body can readily make use of that protein and turn it into body-sculpting muscle. You’ll get that fit, toned look you love.To learn more about how Vitamin B6 and other essential micronutrients can help you meet your fitness goals, visit For micronutrient testing or to schedule a comprehensive health assessment, please call us at (310) 820-7925 today.

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