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5 Reasons Why You Should Run Labs on Your Boyfriend

By Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center

Licensed naturopathic doctors in Los Angeles discuss important health tests

Lab tests help us understand our state of health

If our role in love is to help our partners heal, lab testing helps us understand our partner’s state of health. If they are suffering, lab results can rule out causes and determine what might help. Testing hormones, food allergies, gut flora, and more will offer insight to day-to-day feelings and behaviors of our partner in a non-judgmental fashion.

As doctors, we see the type of couples that seek out health services for each other are compassionate towards each other. They are proactive about understanding each other’s suffering and to care for it, if necessary. Even if you and your partner are in a rut, here are 5 reasons of why you should run labs, stat:


  2. Balance and uplift mood. A host of environmental factors may affect our mood and level of stress. Male or female hormone testing can check for hormonal fluctuations that can contribute to fatigue, depression and insomnia.

  3. Feel and look better in their body. Food allergy testing will show which foods may trigger negative reactions and promote inflammation in your partner’s body. Inflammation and food sensitivities are tied to an array of conditions, from eczema to anxiety. Once your partner changes their diet and eliminates sources of harm, their confidence will improve from clear skin, improved mood, or ease in weight loss.

  4. More energy for sex. Chelsea Handler once snapped a photo of her B-12 shots Los Angeles with the caption, “B-12 for horniness.” The star is not far from the truth: more energy means more libido. Managing nutrient deficiencies, causes of inflammation, and levels of metal toxicities will enhance their energy and add to their bedroom vivacity.

  5. Plan for the future. Gaining more information about one’s health and planning for a potential dark road ahead is always smart. Genetic testing will be insightful of susceptibility to disease. On a lighter note, we can prepare for the road ahead for two. Genetic testing and heavy metal testing is especially important when family planning.

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